Vinyl floor has more quality and texture now than it did a generation ago. Luxury vinyl plank (or LVP) is a vinyl floor that looks like hardwood, tile, and stone, and comes in a variety of colors. Don’t be confused by the label. With gorgeous natural colors and texture that feels like the real thing, luxury vinyl plank is built for beauty and for durability!

Luxury vinyl plank looks almost identical to wood planks, but is often more durable and costs less. This floor easily compares to the color and species of virtually any hardwood on the market, and can be installed in sophisticated patterns like brick, diagonals, herringbone and more.

Some of the benefits for luxury vinyl plank include:


Luxury vinyl plank is an excellent choice for heavy foot traffic areas. It’s its high durability and scratch-resistance holds up against kids, dogs and more. LVP is a water resistant flooring, which helps you bring the natural beauty of hardwood and stone to any room in your home – even bathrooms and basements!


Typical installation of luxury vinyl plank is completed in half the time it takes to install ceramic tile or hardwood! Our team can either glue down or floated your LVP tile, depending on your unique circumstances. Individual planks will either be clicked together and then installed without glue, or floated on a special underlayment.


LVP is easy to clean and maintain and is guaranteed to keep its vibrant color much longer than ceramic tile or vinyl. Regular sweeping, dusting, mopping or vacuuming the floor can prevent dirt or grit from causing scratches and marks. Avoid vacuums that use a beater brush, as these may cause damage to the floor.

If you are interested in adding luxury vinyl plank to your home, call 252-726-8326 or email us today! We have access to a variety of luxury vinyl planks as well as luxury vinyl tiles and would be delighted to help you choose the perfect floor for your home.

Photo of Shaw Floors.

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