Laying Your Floor in the Right Direction

Most flooring options are multi-directions, offering homeowners the freedom to decide how their floor is laid. Below you’ll find 3 tips to guide you in the right direction.

Follow the footpath.

First, walk through the room where the floor will be installed. The direction that reflects the most common foot traffic pattern, is the direction we recommend laying the floor. Some homeowners worry if they choose a layout other than straight, that it will dramatically increase the cost but this isn’t always true. Our installers can reuse pieces to get the most out of your buck!

Connect areas of an open floor layout.

Since open floor plans are so popular, some homeowners choose to run the same flooring through multiple areas in the home. In this case, we recommend laying the floor on an angle to create an open, inviting feel that facilities the flow through the areas.

Create the illusion of extra space.

For homeowners who want to make their space feel longer, we recommend laying the floor lengthwise to elongate the space. For wider spaces, homeowners have the freedom to have fun and lay the floor on an angle or in a herringbone or chevron pattern.

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