Cork flooring allows homeowners to achieve a level beautiful, eco-friendly living space. By providing exceptional durability, comfort, and flexible design, cork flooring is an environmentally responsible product that contributes to a surrounding of wellness within your work and living space.

Cork is a naturally harvested material. Itf has a long life span and is easily repairable, so there’s longevity and durability in-built. Cork flooring is also softer (and more comfortable) than hardwood, its elasticity means that it is less prone to dents and scratches, and it has excellent thermal and acoustic properties too.

Cork flooring also contains a substance called suberin that repels bugs, mold and termites, making cork naturally anti-allergenic and insect repellent. Suberin also helps make cork both fire and water resistant – which means cork can be submerged under water for days without rotting!

Solida Cork Flooring offers a wide selection of cork designs, color and shapes! Combined with the benefits below, cork flooring is a beautiful option for residential spaces such living rooms, kitchens, bathroom and basements as well as commercial projects such as libraries, churches and restaurants as well as

Benefits of Cork Flooring

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Moisture resistant
  • Thermal insulation

If you are interested in adding cork flooring to your home, call 252-726-8326 or email us today! We have access to a variety of Solida Cork Flooring and would be delighted to help you choose the perfect floor for your home.

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