Tile flooring has increased in popularity due to its resilience and adaptability. It can be installed in a variety of environments and unlike carpet, laminate and vinyl, which have to be replaced periodically, a property installed tile will last a lifetime!

Three advantages of installing tile floors in your home include:


With quality installation, tile flooring can last 20 years or longer, if maintained properly. It can withstand deterioration in high traffic areas, is extremely resilient and difficult to crack. Both ceramic tile and porcelain tile flooring are known for their resilience and long lasting characteristics and can be found at Outer Banks Floor Covering. From walls to floors to exteriors and more, the possibilities are endless when using tile flooring in your home!


Not only is tile extremely durable it’s also easy to care for. It resists stains, odors and dirt and can be cleaned easily with a damp mop or sponge and common household cleaners. Some of our favorites include Clorox Cleanup and Tilex.

If your tile flooring cracks, the process of replacing it is relatively simple. Most broken tiles can be removed and replaced individually making the process easier on your time and wallet.


Since tile flooring has a hard and solid surface, it doesn’t tend to attract dirt, pollen, dust or other allergens. Seven porcelain tile collections from our Shaw Floor selection are manufactured with the environment in mind. Each of these collections contains up to 40% post-industrial recycled content, which comes from:

  • Fine residues leftover from the processing of industrial sand
  • Fired scrap tile that is reprocessed and used to make new tile
  • Glazes and other waste from tile processing
  • Post-consumer glass scrap leftover from discarded household glass containers

Tile flooring is economical, comes in a variety of colors, textures and patterns and can add a timeless look to your home. It’s not only a great flooring option because of its versatility and longevity, but adding tile flooring to your home will instantly increase its potential resale value!

If you are interested in tile flooring, or want to learn more about it, call 252-726-8326 or email us today!

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